PHIX (Compares to JUUL)

PHIX (Compares to JUUL)

About PHIX Vape

PHIX is an innovative choice for pod vapers or anyone looking to give pod vaping a go. It has been designed by Major League Vapers (MLV), a company that has been involved in the vaping community for years and involved in manufacture and product development since 2010. 

With a base in well-made and high-quality e-juices, the PHIX by MLV e-cig is an example of their innovation and move into hardware design and development. It is an assault on the pod vaping sector which is growing in popularity and is a fine example of how simply pod vaping can be. All the vape juices created for PHIX were formulated by Brewell MFG specifically with this device in mind, creating the perfect vape experience for this pod system. 

PHIX Starter Kit and Pod Flavors

The PHIX Starter Kit by MLV is a pod vaping system, which features a truly closed loop system and a powerful 280 mAh battery. The kit has capacity for 1 x 1.5ml e-juice pod crafted specifically for the device and each pod offers around 400-450 pods dependent on your usage. You can also expect around 200-220 puffs of the Phix after you have fully charged it, before it needs loading up again.  With a 3.7v output the Phix is easy to use and utilizes a patented ceramic coil with resistance of 1.4 to 1.5 ohms. It is charged via USB but is not a pass-through device so you should not use this e-cig system when charging. The kit makes it easy to get started on your vape journey or make the move to pod vaping. The e-juice pod range incorporates a choice of different flavors to suit all vapers.

PHIX Vape Pods

Designed exclusively for use with the PHIX Starter Kit, PHIX Flavor Pods make it easy to change flavors and enjoy everything the brand has to offer. All PHIX by MLV vape pods have 5% nicotine content (50mg nicotine) and hold 1.5ml of e-liquid. The range of flavors includes classic tobacco and menthol as well as other unique flavors like tobacco butterscotch and hard strawberry. The flavors all offer a throat hit of 5% nicotine and PHIX also offer a mixed pod refill pack so you can try the different flavors in the range.

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